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Everyone "knows" how to get published. One dedicates time and effort to creating a manuscript worthy of public attention, then begins a long, arduous, and often futile attempt to interest a Publisher in it. Anyone who has explored this knows that, with a few notable and spectacular exceptions, one's chances of getting published this way are very slim.

Conditions are worsening in today's economy, as book publishers react to increasing competition from the Internet, electronic publishing, and a general decline in the reading public. These conditions have led publishers to become even more conservative in their selections; even best-selling authors with long lists of successful books are struggling for attention as more and more Publishers look to their bottom line.

And yet, there's hope! The world is indeed changing. A new era in publishing is dawning, one in which writers can hope to reach a wider audience without the help or approval of the major publishing houses! Self-publishing avenues have become available and are increasing in acceptance, particularly e-books and print-on-demand. Anyone can become a published author with a story to tell or information to share, dedication, and a little bit of skill.

This is where Yeldagalga Publications LLC can help you. Even with careful, step-by-step instructions provided by the various print-on-demand and e-book companies, the process of ensuring that your book looks like you want it to can be long and difficult. Many of these companies provide packages of services to help writers through the process for a fee. A writer who lacks layout skills can end up paying more than $1000 to publish a book before a single copy becomes available for sale. These packages include technical assistance, but that help comes from a company that has a vested interest in encouraging writers to pay for services, and must come from a team that is simultaneously helping hundreds, even thousands of other writers at the same time.

ISBNs As a publisher, Yeldagalga Publications LLC holds International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs). Individual authors benefit from owning their own ISBNs in the current market, as that ownership allows the freedom to switch printers as needed. Most print-on-demand companies provide ISBNs, often for free, but if an author decides to go to a different company, they must give their work a new ISBN. Publishing under a Yeldagalga Publications LLC ISBN means that an author, having purchased the ISBN from us, can take it to whatever printer they want.

Yeldagalga Publications LLC is a small, one-man operation. Book projects can only be handled one at a time, meaning that each book gets full attention until it's completed. Assistance comes from a fellow consumer of e-book and print-on-demand providers, not from within those organizations. And, it comes at a much lower cost, helping to maximize net profit of the completed work.

Methods: We work from the homestead via satellite Internet. We have cellphone connectivity, Skype, and Twitter.

Basic Rate: $20/hr (plus 5.5% sales tax for Haines clients). No minimum. We allow accumulation of hours to a decent pay level. We're willing to negotiate work within set contract amounts and project pricing as well, so if this seems too expensive, let's talk. For private individuals, much of the work can be done for much less.

Fee for updates, alterations, and additions is the same as design, $20/hr.

We generate our own power, and do have periods where we can't access the Internet as a result. These low periods rarely exceed two days. Most changes can be made as soon as we receive of them.

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