"Yelda what?"
About Us

Yeldagalga Publications, LLC


I'm Mark Zeiger, the owner/operator of Yeldagalga Publications, LLC. I have a B.A. in Communications with a strong background in broadcasting, journalism, and writing.

I have extensive experience in Web design, publication design, editing and proofreading.

I began Web design work in 1999 while working for the Alaska Department of Education School-to-Work program. Starting in 2000 I served as Publications Specialist for the Alaska Commission on Aging within the AK Department of Administration (later moved to the Department of Health & Social Services) developing a senior-friendly Web site that specialized in readability, accessibility, and simplicity to accommodate the large number of dial-up and slow speed connections around the state in those days. The senior site received national recognition as a positive example of senior-oriented usability.

My duties expanded to provide these services for all of the Division of Senior Services (DSS) until 2006. During that time I designed the DSS site, then redesigned it within strict uniformity guidelines set down by a new Governor. As a Publications Specialist III for the State of Alaska, I also wrote and edited professional journals, brochures, invitations to state functions, and other publications. This experience lends strong design and writing skills that exceed Web work, while contributing positively to it.

I began doing casual freelance work in 2005, designing Web sites for family businesses and consulting with other Web designers on their work.