Yeldagalga Publications, LLC
"Yelda what?"
Special Projects

What do you need? A poster for your event, a postcard, business card, or other handout? Perhaps a brochure or special invitation? We offer a variety of layout and design services to produce a "camera ready" document for you to take to your local printer or send to an online printer for hard copy production.

Most print shops will work with you to create what you need. We would always encourage you to start there—it's best if the printer knows and understands the project from earliest concept to final printing.

However, these services may not always be available to you; some printers will only print materials that are submitted in a ready-to-print condition. Or, you may want to produce the final product on your home printer once it's complete.

In these situations, we can offer assistance. If you need help solidifying your ideas, or just need final preparation on your design, contact us with your special needs—let's talk!

Methods: We work from the homestead via satellite Internet. We have cellphone connectivity, Skype, and Twitter.

Basic Rate: $30/hr (plus 5.5% sales tax for Haines clients). No minimum. We allow accumulation of hours to a decent pay level. We're willing to negotiate work within set contract amounts as well.

Fee for updates, alterations, and additions is the same as design, $30/hr.

Turn around time for alterations and additions is generally two days or less. We generate our own power, and do have periods where we can't access the Internet as a result. These low periods rarely exceed two days. Most changes can be made as soon as we receive them.