Yeldagalga Publications, LLC
"Yelda what?"
Web Page Design

Yeldagalga Publications LLC can design a new Web site, or improve an existing one. We specialize in simple designs that load quickly and help the viewer find the information they need. This involves minimizing or avoiding distractions such as:

  • poor color combinations
  • overly dense text
  • bells and whistles such as Flash screens, hidden mouse over links, and other "whizzbang" page element.

While these look great, add an air of elegance (and often mystery!) to a page, and are fun to build and play with if a viewer has the time and inclination, they often distract a user from finding the information they seek, sometimes to the point of preventing them from finding it altogether.

A sampling of sites we've developed:

Our Family Homepage,

Some Existing Sites we've Redesigned (subsequent work from site administrators may have changed these since redesign):

Alaska Rod's Knives and Salves

Arthur Morgan School

Methods: We work from the homestead via satellite Internet. We have cellphone connectivity, Skype, and Twitter.

Fees: Basic Web Design Fee: $60/hr (plus 5.5% sales tax for Haines clients). No minimum. We allow accumulation of hours to a decent pay level. We're willing to negotiate work within set contract amounts as well.

No limitations on number of pages (other than budgetary considerations!).

Fee for URL: We do not charge a fee for URLs. Clients purchase a URL through a service provider that also hosts the site. We can recommend a host for this, hopefully one that will provide top service for low fees.

We do not provide server space. If a client purchases space directly through a hosting site, one can perpetuate the site beyond one's contract with Yeldagalga Publications LLC. This allows one to seek improvements from other designers if desired.

Fee for updates, alterations, and additions is the same as design, $60/hr.

Turn around time for alterations and additions is generally two days or less. We generate our own power, and do have periods where we can't access the Internet, especially when tourist traffic overloads our cell towers. These low periods rarely exceed a day. Most changes can be made as soon as we receive of them.