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Proof Reading/
Copy Editing

Proof Reading and Copy Editing Services—What's the Difference?

Proof reading checks a manuscript for typographical mistakes and grammatical errors. Copy editing suggests changes to improve a manuscript for clarity, readability, effective communication, and correctness.

If you know what you want to say and how to say it, Yeldagalga Publications LLC provides proof reading, offering "fresh eyes" to catch and correct mistakes before you go to print.

If you know what you want to say, but aren't exactly sure how to say it most effectively, Yeldagalga Publications LLC can help you find the right words.

Relying on a strong background as a Publications Specialist for the State of Alaska to provide careful editing and proofing, Yeldagalga Publications LLC knows how to work with busy people with other issues on their mind than writing.

Methods: We work from the homestead via satellite Internet. We have cellphone connectivity, Skype, and Twitter.

Basic Rate: $30/hr (plus 5.5% sales tax for Haines clients). No minimum. We allow accumulation of hours to a decent pay level. We're willing to negotiate work within set contract amounts and project pricing as well, so if this seems too expensive, let's talk. For private individuals, much of the work can be done for much less.

Fee for updates, alterations, and additions is the same as design, $30/hr.

We generate our own power, and do have periods where we can't access the Internet as a result. These low periods rarely exceed two days. Most changes can be made as soon as we receive of them.

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